A seal walks into a bar,
Orders a pint
The bartender serves him,
The seal offers him a joint

Shit dude, what was in that stuff?
‘Cause I thought you seals couldn’t walk!”

“Well, you can’t make a drink either
Have I said anything?
Why do you, humans
Always have to hurt my feelings?”

So the bartender cried
His patrons came to his side
Glared at the seal
The fuck is your deal?”

The seal then jumped from the barstool
And ran away to the sea
I sat drinking in the corner
Yet everything was making sense to me

A horse then entered
Can I have a trough?”
“Go away, you ass…
I’ve already had enough!”
Yelled the bartender at the horse
He didn’t leave, so,
The others threw him out by force.

In my corner, I sat all giggly,
A bit reddish, wide-eyed and fiddly
A bear in a black suit
Then came up to me…
And asked me gently
“How did you like the LSD?”