I know what it feels like to crack,
When your anxiety become your demons, and doubts terrorize your dreams
When you descend helplessly into the void but no one else believes
You turn to your words, in hopes of breaking free
Drowning you cry for help, all they hear is poetry

As you lose your grip with reality, the blue skies fade to gray
You try and kick up the leaves, but the passion’s gone away
You feel like you wait in line just to hit another low
All that hope you muster, but a cold breeze, and it blows

Your island is uninhabitable, and merciless is the sea
And I know, even if you can’t swim, you’ve tried in your way to be free
You sit there with your heart in your hands, wonder how much more it can take
But dear, they say the heart grows a little, every time it breaks

I know what it feels like to have been lost yet never found
Have heart – roll out a battle cry – you can stand your ground
The world ain’t magic – everything is not going to be alright
But when the days are dark, one learns to find solace in the night

It’s alright to be broken, everyone has scars on their skin
Nothing is truly round, and even our Gods tend to sin
Yes, there’s a crack, a crack on every wall but that’s how the light gets in.


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