One of my hobbies includes daydreaming. I daydream – a lot! And it’s not just about my ambitions, or dreaming about success or being a star. Let’s just say I like to become a nefarious anti-hero sometimes – in my head.

I don’t mean to brag, but getting lost inside my own head comes very easy to me. There is no need for specific triggers. I’ll be reading a book, and insert myself as a person from a different universe and act out the scenes.
In the last book I read, Hannibal, I was Sherlock Holmes who’d talk in Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice, trying to track down the cannibal. Would certainly make a great story – if I could write any better.

Now, of course, these are impossible scenarios – nothing short of twisted fiction. But if you can find a weird friend that dreams as much as you, turns out, you can make it come true.

I have a colleague turned good friend, who, in very few aspects, is as weird as me. But we are stark opposites, she and I. She is the embodiment of positivity while I…well, a gloomy cynic. She enjoys her job. I loathe it. She motivates people, I tell them why they might be wrong and all the possible ways they can fail. You get the point.

So, this lazy day, we’d just figured out about each other, that we both liked to daydream of weird things. The conversation got to real dreams, unpursued ones – the ones that rest at the back as mere “hobbies” now. Hers were baking and stargazing.  And while I’m not patient enough for either, I asked if she’s ever considered talking up baking full time instead of this deadbeat job.


Fact: I do not like the corporate sector jobs even though I am in one. And I’ll try to sway others away from it – it’s something that I do on auto-mode.

So, in this instance, too, I tried to sell her, her own dreams. When you’re a stargazer and love baking but also like finance, how do you connect the dots?
The answer may be pretty obvious. We were even discussing the shapes, the colors, and textures of the cakes – the amount of sprinkles, and M&Ms that’d go into one. A concept that, as far as I know, does not exist here, at least.

It was almost picturable – a successful business with a fairly unique theme and someone content with it. Even though I was selling her, her own dream, at that moment, I could imagine myself getting a Voyager Coffee, or a Comet Shake at the place.

And then, she said she could feel this happening in a parallel universe. And it was at that moment I realized maybe the parallel-universe me is doing what he actually wants – writing bestseller novels while being in a covert underground syndicate to expose the corrupt government and its deception.

While I was trying to get her to not like her job, here I was daydreaming about something else, and I was loving it.

daydreaming - telescope-space
Credit: Please Don’t Sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay

In that one moment, I was not a cynic, or a demotivating factor – as I’ve been known among friends, but someone else. Maybe, in a parallel universe, it actually was happening – I would walk into her place to get my Jupiter-sized coffee every day after our secret meetings. The floors would be chrome black, the void of space. But with colorful spots for the stars, and the walls would glow in the dim lights in the evenings. There would be an actual telescope on the roof, for stargazing and coffee. The coffee machine would resemble a space shuttle, and you could actually drink them in astronaut helmet cups if you chose.
Maybe we’d not have known each other – but I bet we’d be happy strangers.

*Long sigh* *Reality check*

I guess that’s why I’ve always been a daydreamer first.

So, if you have a habit of daydreaming where you’re happy, keep at it…however weird it may be. Who knows? Maybe your parallel universe is actually made up of it…


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