Fact Check: Every 40 seconds, one person commits suicide !!

I watch a 40-second video clip
On how schools should include mental health in their curriculums
And while I’ve been watching how schools can help
It’s already too late for one school student, somewhere

I laugh at some dark memes on killing oneself,
Then tag my friends too,
And while I share that post
Someone else has lost a life.

I take 5 minutes to prepare my coffee every morning
And while I hum the tune to “Gloomy Sunday”
7 people have stopped breathing
in 7 different ways,
And it takes 7 more people
To finish my coffee

Every 40 seconds, the stats say…
Every 40 seconds,
A man pulls a trigger
Every 40 seconds,
A girl slits her wrists
Every 40 seconds,
A boy swallows a fistful of pills,
Every 40 seconds,
A woman jumps off a building

Every 40 seconds
Mark a decision,
To simply stop existing
To let go
And every 40 seconds,
Desperate hands clutch
To a lifeless body
Not wanting to let go

For you and me,
40 seconds is barely the time we take
To get ourselves off the bed,
It’s nothing more than
The time we take to read a poem
But by the time you’re finished with this…
Another 40 seconds have passed
And someone, somewhere,
Along with it…

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