Your first article will be bland.
Your first art will be crap.
Your first song will be a mess.
Your “first” everything will be wreckage...
Except for your code. Your first code will be the cleanest, most elegant code you’ll have ever written.
It will be “Hello World”.

It is the most famous computer program ever written in history. And it will probably stay that way. The program ‘Hello world’ is synonymous with the beginning of creation – the creation of new systems, applications, and boundless possibilities. Of course, all that lies in between is years of hard work, tapping at the keyboard, debugging, and pulling out your hair from time to time. But your beginning will be glorious!

hello world code

Even when you set up your site in WordPress, the first blog post is titled “Hello World” – which I spun into this one. But you see the significance of Hello World, don’t you? And to think the creators of this iconic phrase were inspired by a cartoon!

Dennis Ritchie, the creator of C Programming Language, and also its predecessor, B programming language coined this in his book “A Tutorial Introduction to the Programming Langauge B” in 1973. And in retrospect, while he said he didn’t remember the specifics, he remembers a cartoon – an egg and a chick saying “Hello World”. And that was the birth of the most famous program, and a time-honored tradition.

As a program, it doesn’t do much. Its sole function is to display two words on the console screen – “Hello World”. But for those who are just learning their first code, the adrenaline rush and the satisfaction of seeing these words is indescribable. It is the beginning of, what might be, your very long, arduous, and incredible journey.

Sadly, I gave up on my own journey of creating such worlds long ago. I want to create different worlds. But for those of you who have the light shining in your eyes and rush of dopamine when your code compiles, I wish you all the very best.

But the significance of a Hello world is not limited here. These simple words are the first step towards getting anything done. To those who want to create other worlds; to those who are reluctant to do so; to those who want to reach out; the world is at your feet. All you have to do is say Hello!

“Hello World”

I wish you all the best.
Godspeed, friends, Goodspeed.


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