You tell me that you love me immensely,
Just not like “that”
With your head on my shoulders,
your hand in my hand
You say that I am your best-est friend in the whole world…
And that you never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever want to lose me

But it hurts me when you look for love in all the wrong places
And tell me how the guy you thought “the one”
Turned out to be just another “fake”
What hurts more,
Is when you look in my direction
And tell me how you wish you could find someone like me

And then, you proceed to look for love
In bars, and dance clubs
Stalking Facebook walls
Following other boys in your college hall
And running after those rockstars with guitars

Yet, I am your 3 a.m. call when you’re drunk
You ask me why you can’t find love
You tell me about your heartaches,
And heartbreaks
And all those fakes
And how you hate this thing called Love
But if you just take a look in my direction,
I can make it all so easy for you

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Next time,
look for love not in bars and clubs
And tequila shots
But instead, in our coffee mugs
And our extra-friendly hugs
And your 3 a.m. calls

Maybe love is not singing at the top of his lungs
Rocking the stage
Or lifting weights
Or running late
But maybe love has already arrived early
At your gate
But is to shy to ring the doorbell
So, he is writing this “shitty” poem for you

Maybe, instead of looking for someone like me,
If you just take a look in my direction
You’ll find that I am someone like me!