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Netflix ‘The Sandman’ Review: Solid Build, Poor Design

netflis 'the sandman' review
This long-awaited Netflix show of Neil Gaiman's comic book adaptation 'The Sandman', so far has been mostly about world-building than much else. 

The Fallacy of Mobile Banking

qr scan to pay
With mobile banking spoiling us with easy single-tap payments, are we wise to keep our cash instead?

An email to my future self

an email to my future self
A wish-list of sorts, full of things I hope the future me has got done by then.

Learning to Adult

learning to adult
Some hard truths that you learn as you grow up...even if you don't want to.

When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...???


I know what it feels like to crack, When your anxiety become your demons, and doubts terrorize your dreams When you descend helplessly into the void but no one else believes You turn to your words, in hopes of breaking free Drowning you cry for help, all they hear is poetry As you lose your grip with reality, the blue skies fade to gray You...

पुराना चिया गफको सम्झनामा – भाग १

chiya guff
हाम्रो नानाथरीका चिया गफहरु र त्यसकै सम्झानमा ...

When the Laxmi’s not Home…

when laxmi is not home - frame
What happens when your mother is not home during the festivities?

Life Interviews

interview life
When you decide to be honest (like, real honest) at those job interviews...

Daydreaming to a Parallel Universe

Why do I daydream, and why I won't be trying to stop anytime soon...